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Heute Nichts Archiv 2008 "Music Promotion Blogs"  · 

"Music Promotion Blogs"

Publiziert am: 09.12.2008 in Kategorie Musik

Die "illegale" Musikdistribution im Internet lässt sich grob in folgende Phasen einteilen:

  1. FTP Downloads, Usenet

  2. BBS-style Communtity Client-Server Netze: Hotline, Carracho, Pitbull, KDX

  3. Kazaa, eDonkey, Soulseek

  4. Bittorrent

  5. Rapidshare Linkblog/Forum

"This is a promotion Blog only, the files here are for promotional use and you have to delete them after hearing it. ..."

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